Welcome To PROco PROduction coMPANY
To Your Right
is a link to watch our very first Horror Short Film. Really it's more of a thriller, but lets not get into the genre semantics just yet. We're pretty proud of what we got out of this collaboration. Please enjoy and hit us up on Facebook and tell us what you thought!

A Brief History of
PROco PROduction coMPANY

PROco was a joke. No, really. PROco PROduction coMPANY was meant to be a parody of what a small production company might look like. We made ridiculous shows, left shots out of focus, had the mic in the shot. I mean, why not have some fun while you learn. Why not get the common mistakes out of the way?

Some time passed and we got better. We were accepted into a few film festivals, shot a few music videos and even made some short animations. We learned to do what we love by doing what we love. PROco PROduction coMPANY was founded by dreamers that believed that passion, creativity and hard work was all you really needed to get the project done.

PROco PROduction coMPANY was founded by Joseph R. Davis and Brian Gerson in 2012.

"We basically had no experience making videos. We figured we could learn by making content and then force our friends (in a Clockwork Orange Fashion) to watch it."