San Gabriel Valley Professional Video PROduction coMPANY

PROco PROduction coMPANY is San Gabriel Valley's own PROfessional PROduction coMPANY. We are creative filmmakers with a passion for story. Whether it's a Commercial, Web Series, or Music Video we believe that strong and concise story mixed with powerful visuals make all the difference. PROco PROduction coMPANY films are award winning and we have over 10+ years experience in marketing and Film PROduction. We work, live, play in SGV. We know the San Gabriel Valley's personal and independent style. We take pride in our work; we take pride in our home. PROco PROduction coMPANY supports local and independent artists, podcasters, musicians, and some things you didn't even know were here.

Professional Video Production Services

Let us do the heavy lifting. We walk you through the production process. We'll brainstorm together. We will find the right video solution for your needs and then we will write a script, cast some actors, set the date and shoot. On the shoot we'll direct, light and operate audio and camera. After the shoot, we'll take the footage and start the editing process where we'll correct color, adjust audio, find music, and add sound or video effects that drive the message home. We'll even teach you some of the lingo along the way!
We are puzzle people and we like to challenge ourselves. We work hard to make fresh, interesting content by staying on top of Social Media Marketing trends and algorithms. We keep up on the user log times and other statistics to maximize post saturation. We develop Brand Integration with an authentic approach to keep audiences interested with new and informative content that properly represents your personal brand identity.


Getting your brand and message out there is important. The right message, the right audience at the right time. We know how to use data from social media to get your video out there at the time when it will have the most impact. We will help you navigate those ever changing seas of social media and help you keep up to date on the top trends in internet video marketing.

Music Videos

The music video is one of the strongest marketing tools for any musician. Whether it's a live performance or a conceptual short film PROco PROduction coMPANY will bring your project to life. We love music and we love making music videos. Bring us your concept, or help us come up with one, we will work with you. We understand your passion and want to make something amazing.

Portrait Photography

When it comes to portrait photography, whether they're corporate or actor headshots, you need an image that stands out in a crowd. We don't shoot your average portraits. We're artists with a background in color theory and composition. We know how to use light to our advantage to create dramatic and intense images.

Album & Key Art

Finding the right artwork for your brand can be daunting. At PROco our artists are trained in advanced composition, psychology of color, and the non lingual language of lines. What this means is that the image we create for you will have every edge to draw attention away from you competitors. We can create images from scratch or work with you preexisting images.

PROco Films

PROco Films are award winning and we can help at any stage of PROduction. We cast, direct, edit and sound design in house. We'll find the perfect music track or composer for that key moment in your film. We'll help you cast the right face and attitude to get you the right fit.